Selling batteries to customers in a hurry
Selling batteries to customers in a hurry
Last Edited: 28/Mar/2017

If you run a small, local retail business, you are in an ideal position to sell batteries to customers who need them immediately. Consumers might buy batteries from larger shops, such as supermarkets, if they know they’re going to need them in advance. In these circumstances, consumers will purchase batteries during their main weekly or fortnightly shopping trip. 

However, they’re unlikely to make the trip to these larger outlets (which are often positioned outside of town) if they suddenly run out of batteries and need to buy more. In these circumstances, because they don’t need to buy a lot of other goods, consumers are likely to visit local shops like yours. But how can you successfully sell batteries to customers who need to buy them quickly? 

1. Position batteries for visibility

If a customer is in a hurry to buy batteries, they need to feel certain that you sell them. If they don’t, they might go to one of your competitors instead. Therefore, we recommend having a display of batteries or a poster. This ensures that your customers will notice that you sell batteries whenever they come into your store. As a result, when they need batteries, yours will be the first outlet that they think of.

2. Ensure batteries are highly accessible

When a customer pops into your store purely to buy batteries, they probably don’t want to spend too much time walking around in order to reach them. We recommend placing your batteries near the the till, as these areas are very easy for consumers to access instantly. You might be surprised by how effectively this maximises your sales.

3. Choose an appropriate price point

As a small business owner, you need to sell most of your products at a slightly higher price than larger outlets. Because you don’t sell as many units of each product or have such a broad customer base, you need to price your products high enough to earn a noticeable profit on each unit. Consumers generally understand this and won’t mind if you price your batteries slightly higher than the big supermarkets. However, it’s important not to be excessive. It’s tempting to sell batteries and other technological goods at a very high price because they may not be part of your core range of products. However, even consumers who are in a rush won’t tolerate excessive pricing, especially if there are other local businesses they could go to. Price your batteries with care to ensure you don’t lose sales.

4. Use in-store advertising

We’ve talked about how to carry out in-store advertising in many previous blogs. Just remember that even small businesses can benefit from this form of battery marketing.

Here at House of Batteries, we’re always ready to supply you with wholesale batteries. Following the tips in today’s blog will make it much easier to sell them to customers who need them immediately.