A retailer's guide to zinc, alkaline and lithium batteries
A retailer's guide to zinc, alkaline and lithium batteries
Last Edited: 16/Mar/2017

All general purpose batteries can be used to power everyday, household items. However, this doesn’t mean that all general purpose batteries are identical. There are actually three distinct types of everyday batteries: zinc batteries, alkaline batteries and lithium batteries. All of these batteries produce electricity using a chemical reaction, but each type contains different ingredients. If your retail business sells batteries, you don’t really need to understand the science behind each type of battery. However, each type also has a different lifespan and price-point. Here at House of Batteries, we believe it’s important for you to understand these differences so that you can stock up on the batteries that are best-suited to your customers.

1. Zinc batteries

Zinc batteries have the shortest lifespan of the three main battery-types, but are generally much cheaper than their alternatives. They are often used in devices that don’t need to be active for prolonged periods and only require a very small amount of electricity, such as TV remote controls. These devices won’t use up the battery’s lifespan too quickly. However, they are less well-suited to devices that need to be active for extended periods of time, such as portable radios, torches and electronic toys. Of course, customers don’t just use zinc batteries for powering devices that don’t use much energy. They may also buy this type of battery if they’ve run out of batteries for a day-to-day device and want to power it temporarily without spending too much money. We recommend that small stores and corner shops stock zinc batteries. This is because customers are likely to pop in when they run out of batteries in the hope of quickly finding affordable replacements.

2. Alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries can last up to seven times longer than zinc batteries and tend to be a little more expensive. They are great day-to-day batteries and can reliably power almost any device for a sustained period of time. Most customers will choose alkaline batteries for their main battery needs, because they don’t need to be replaced too frequently, yet aren’t as expensive as lithium batteries. If you run either a medium or large-sized retail business, we recommend you stock plenty of alkaline batteries, because customers are likely to come to your store to fulfil their main battery requirements. However, you may also wish to stock a few zinc batteries to appeal to customers on a budget.

3. Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries last longer than both zinc and alkaline batteries, but they tend to occupy a higher price-point. Customers may invest in lithium batteries to power electronic devices that they use very regularly and for extended periods of time. Ergo, customers with gadget-related hobbies are most likely to choose these batteries. If you run a specialist electronic store, you should definitely stock up on lithium batteries.

As a major retail battery supplier, we can supply you with zinc, alkaline and lithium batteries in whatever quantities you require to meet your customers’ needs. Contact us today for more details.