How to effectively cross-sell your batteries
How to effectively cross-sell your batteries
Last Edited: 27/Feb/2017

Cross-selling works by convincing a customer to purchase something else along with the product that they have already decided to buy. One of the most famous examples of cross-selling is on display every day at McDonald's: you go in and order a burger and every time the staff member will ask whether or not you want fries with that. This simple method works well with batteries and could end up giving your bottom line a significant boost. 

Cross-selling, when done well, can work positively for both the retailer and the customer. If for example, someone is buying a brand new television, they may not know about all the additional boxes, cables and batteries that may be required in order for them to get the most out of their purchase. With that in mind, here are some handy cross-selling tips that could give your battery sales a boost.


It's always a good idea to be as prepared as possible when attempting to cross-sell. That means you're going to have to build a range of products that go well with each other. Batteries are required for all sorts of things - whether you're selling a toy, torch or a wireless radio, you should be able to easily add batteries to the customer's purchase. Think about when you go online to book a flight: most of the time you're offered additional items such as hotels, insurance and even car rental. In nearly all instances, batteries will be cheaper than the product the customer is buying, so they're seen as a quick buying decision, making them a relatively easy cross-sell.

Position your batteries well

It's no coincidence that supermarkets all over the world have items such as chocolate bars and chewing gum aside the check-out. These generally low-cost items are impulse purchases and are designed to catch the customer's eye whilst they're in the queue. Again, batteries work fantastically as an impulse buy as they're relatively low cost and, for a lot of customers, they're an essential item. 

Solve the problem

If you're cross-selling to a customer face-to-face, you're in a great position to plant the seeds of any potential cross-selling nice and early. A customer has come to the store to purchase for a reason - perhaps their TV has stopped working, maybe they want better picture quality or even more channels. Make sure you listen to all of their needs and offer them sound advice before bringing out the solutions to their problems in the form of additional products that will make their main purchase work even better. This gives you another opportunity to throw batteries into the mix simply by telling the customer which of their products will require them.

In order to cross-sell, you need the quality products to start with. At House of Batteries, we have the battery wholesale options that can fit with your business. Browse our range today or contact us for more information.