Revitalise your battery sales with these three tips
Revitalise your battery sales with these three tips
Last Edited: 09/Feb/2017

Most people need to buy batteries on a regular basis. They are used in everything from TV remote controls to portable radios to cordless power tools, so practically everybody relies on them. Nonetheless, retailers still need to make an effort to promote and sell them correctly if they don’t want battery sales to decline. 

If your retail business isn’t selling as many batteries as it used to, there’s no need to panic. Revitalising your battery sales and boosting your profits is easier than you might think. Here at House of Batteries, we understand that batteries are an important source of revenue for many retail businesses, so we’ve come up with some tips that are bound to rejuvenate your battery sales.

1. Increase prominence of batteries in-store

If your customers aren’t buying as many batteries as they used to, it’s probably not because they no longer need them. It’s far more likely that they’re just not thinking about buying batteries when they’re in your store. It’s easy for consumers to forget about small electronic items like batteries when shopping. Revitalising your battery sales is often as simple as jogging their memories. Move your batteries to a more prominent position in your store and deploy in-store advertising to draw attention to them.

2. Incentivise battery purchases

Consumers sometimes hesitate to buy batteries simply because they don’t want to commit to the investment. While batteries are important day-to-day items, many consumers don’t view them as essential products (unlike food, clothing and similar goods). Luckily, this hesitancy is easy to overcome because most consumers realise that they’ll need to buy batteries eventually. You can use temporary special offers to give them a reason to buy them immediately in your store. Once you have overcome a customer’s hesitancy once, it’s less likely to prevent them buying batteries in the future, even when there isn’t a special offer available. Ergo, you don’t have to constantly offer special deals: you simply have to provide them every so often so that customers feel confident about buying batteries from you.

3. Invest in rechargeable batteries and specialist batteries

Everybody needs batteries, but not everybody needs the same type of batteries. Some consumers are more likely to invest in rechargeable batteries than general purpose batteries. Meanwhile, others need specialist batteries for particular devices. You can boost battery sales quickly and simply by diversifying the types of batteries that you offer.

As one the UK’s foremost retail battery suppliers, we can provide you with low-cost, wholesale batteries so that you can afford to incentivise your customers to purchase them. We can also provide you with rechargeable and specialist batteries, so get in touch with us today.