February: a golden month for battery sales
February: a golden month for battery sales
Last Edited: 06/Feb/2017

February is here, which is fantastic news for you if your business sells batteries in the retail sector. You may not think of February as a particularly remarkable month. However, if you deploy the right kind of marketing, you can dramatically boost your battery sales during this the period. You may not realise it, but February contains more sales opportunities for battery sellers than almost any other month. In today’s blog, we’ll explain how you can take advantage of these sales opportunities to sell more batteries and increase your profits.

1. Focus on Valentine’s Day

The run up to Valentine’s Day is a great chance to increase your battery sales. Many couples buy each other gifts to show their affection and celebrate their relationship on February 14th. In the modern world, it’s inevitable that a lot of those gifts will be electronic. If a person enjoys gadgets or new technology, their significant other is likely to buy them some for Valentine’s Day. Of course, those gadgets are going to need batteries to power them. All you have to do is use your marketing and advertising materials to remind customers that batteries are essential for many of their Valentine’s Day gifts.

2. Continue using your winter marketing strategy

February is the last month of winter, but it is still dark and cold. That means that your customers still need batteries for torches, flash-lights and electronic cold-weather emergency equipment. If you continue to use a winter-focused marketing strategy, you can continue to sell batteries for these items.

3. Look forward to the spring

February may be the last month of winter, but it’s also the last month before spring. During the spring, people are likely to resume outdoor hobbies that they couldn't pursue in winter. Many of these hobbies will require batteries. For example, drone enthusiasts will need batteries for their drones, while campers will need batteries for electronic camping equipment. Why not encourage them to stock up on batteries now, before spring arrives?

Here at House of Batteries, we believe that February can be a great month for retail battery sales. The month offers a wide variety of different sales opportunities that enable you to market to different demographics. We’re a top retail battery supplier in the UK, so get in touch with us today to stock up on batteries and take advantage of these opportunities.