The future of technology is battery powered
The future of technology is battery powered
Last Edited: 30/Jan/2017

Here at House of Batteries, we understand that the technological landscape is constantly shifting and changing. However, we fervently believe that specialist, general purpose and rechargeable batteries will continue to play a major role in the world of technology. 

Portable appliances and gadgets have always relied on separate batteries to provide them with power. Of course, some devices now have internal power supplies and sealed-in batteries. However, as we’ve discussed in previous blog entries, ordinary, separate batteries will never be replaced or rendered obsolete because they’re too well-suited to many devices. 

But what exactly does the future hold for batteries? We know batteries are going to be around for many decades, but what strange new devices will use them in the years to come? We’ve made some predictions based on current tech trends.

1. Drones

At present, drones are mainly used by hobbyists and technology enthusiasts. However, they are becoming increasingly popular and commonplace. We predict that over the next few years, drones will be adopted by many members of the public. They have many practical applications, such as transporting and delivering small packages and obtaining photographs from an aerial perspective. It’s reasonable to assume that many people will invest in them for day-to-day use as they become more affordable and widely accepted. We believe that many models will be powered by separate specialist batteries or by large quantities of general purpose batteries. Battery retailers should definitely look forward to the widespread adoption of drones.

2. VR headsets

Virtual reality is the hot new thing in the world of video games. Most current virtual reality (or ‘VR’) headsets have internal power supplies. However, as the technology becomes more commonplace and more games hardware companies produce their own headsets, it’s likely that battery-powered versions will appear. Battery-powered variants may be cheaper to manufacture and purchase than versions with internal, sealed power supplies, which would make them more appealing to both producers and customers.

3. Smartwatches

At present, smartwatches are powered by internal, sealed batteries which have to be recharged. However, we predict that battery-powered smartwatches will eventually be developed. As the technology improves and smartwatches become more efficient, it may become possible to power them with small disc batteries instead of sealed, internal batteries. Manufacturers may choose to do this to make their smartwatches lighter and to make it easier for consumers to power the devices.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing for certain how batteries will be used in the future. However, we’re a very experienced retail battery supplier, and we’re certain that they will be used for decades to come. Make batteries a key part of your retail business today. Tomorrow, you might be selling alongside some of the products we’ve mentioned today.