Who buys rechargeable batteries and how can you market to them?
Who buys rechargeable batteries and how can you market to them?
Last Edited: 23/Jan/2017

Selling rechargeable batteries can be very profitable for retail businesses like yours. However, you need to know which demographics to target when marketing these batteries. Because rechargeable batteries can be re-used, they can help buyers to save money in the long run. Nonetheless, they are generally more expensive than general purpose batteries at the point of purchase. As a result, many ordinary consumers are not willing to invest in them. It is therefore worth focusing your marketing on demographics who may be more willing to pay a little extra for batteries that they can re-use. But who are these demographics and how can you target them successfully?

1. Ecologically-aware consumers

An ever-increasing number of people want to do their bit to help the environment. Rechargeable batteries are very environmentally-friendly because they don’t have to be thrown away after one use. Simply put, they don’t generate as much waste as other power options. Ergo, it is worth marketing your stock of rechargeable batteries towards eco-friendly individuals. We recommend that you create advertising material that focuses on the environmental benefits of switching to rechargeable batteries, using natural imagery to reinforce this message.

2. Money-savers

Customers who are on tight budgets may not wish to spend money on rechargeable batteries. However, there are plenty of customers who have some extra cash in their pockets but want to save money in the long-run. As we mentioned in our introduction, rechargeable batteries can help save people money in the long-run, so it’s worth marketing them towards money-savers and deal-seekers. Why not try creating advertising materials that tell consumers how much money they could save if they started using rechargeable batteries?

3. Gadget enthusiasts

Consumers who own a lot of gadgets may be inclined to invest in rechargeable batteries in order to avoid the inconvenience of constantly buying fresh standard batteries. You can market to them by using advertising materials that show the wide variety of gadgets and appliances that rechargeable batteries can be used in.

Here at House of Batteries, we sell both general purpose and rechargeable wholesale batteries. We believe that rechargeable batteries are a great investment for most retail businesses. By marketing these batteries to the groups we have listed in today’s blog entry, your business could drastically increase its profits. Take a look at our range of rechargeable batteries today.