Why you don't have to worry about the rise of the rechargeables
Why you don't have to worry about the rise of the rechargeables
Last Edited: 09/Jan/2017

As a general purpose battery retailer, you may be concerned about the continued rise of devices with internal, rechargeable batteries. MP3 players with internal batteries have almost completely superseded portable CD players and other devices powered by general purpose batteries. Mobile phones are fuelled by internal batteries and have dozens of functions, many of which would have required separate, general purpose battery-powered devices in the past. 

Of course, many devices (ranging from portable radios to children’s toys) still rely on conventional, disposable batteries, but you might be worried that more and more devices will start using internal, rechargeable batteries instead of ordinary general purpose batteries. Here at House of Batteries, we understand your concerns. However, we can also assure that there is no need to worry. Thanks to our extensive experience as a top retail battery supplier and wholesaler, we understand the way manufacturers, businesses and customers think about and use batteries. We can promise you that your general purpose battery sales are going to remain strong for the foreseeable future. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, the ubiquity of devices that are run on internal rechargeable batteries actually benefits battery retailers like you. More people own mobile phones, MP3 players and similar devices than ever owned their various predecessors. This means that there is a massive market for you to take advantage of as a battery retailer. Of course, these devices don’t run on general purpose batteries, but many people still need to charge them while on the move. Charging a phone or MP3 player when there isn’t an electrical mains outlet nearby requires a portable charging device. But what do many portable charging devices run on? You guessed it: general purpose batteries! In short, people still need to buy general purpose batteries to keep their devices operational, even if those devices run on internal batteries.

Secondly, certain devices will always use general purpose batteries instead of internal, rechargeable batteries. People need to remember to charge devices with internal batteries. As a general rule, most people won’t remember to charge a device if it isn’t within easy reach when they happen to be near a plug socket. Ergo, internal batteries aren’t suitable for devices that people don’t keep near them at all time. Torches and portable radios, for example, aren’t in constant use. As a result, most people wouldn’t remember to plug in rechargeable versions of these devices. This means that manufacturers and customers will continue to favour general purpose battery-powered versions. Similarly, electronic children’s toys will always be general purpose battery-powered, because children aren’t likely to remember to plug in rechargeable ones.

As a retailer, it’s natural for you to be concerned about the rising use of internal, rechargeable batteries. However, there really isn’t any need to panic. We can continue to supply you with wholesale batteries and you can continue to sell them successfully for decades to come. Want to find our more? Get in touch today.