How the new year can bring new battery sales
How the new year can bring new battery sales
Last Edited: 04/Jan/2017

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to increase your business’s battery sales. In the weeks immediately after new year, there are a plethora of reasons for consumers to invest in general purpose batteries. If you run a retail business that supplies batteries, you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of consumers’ increased need for batteries. But why do your customers need more batteries at the beginning of a new year and how can you ensure they buy them from you?

1. Replacing batteries that were used up over the holiday season

People use a lot of batteries over Christmas and new year. After all, batteries are required for a lot of electronic Christmas gifts (especially children’s toys) and even a few decorations. Between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, households will use far more batteries than usual. That means that many people are going to have to buy new batteries for day-to-day purposes as soon as new year is over. After all, once the festivities are over, people will still need to power their TV remote controls, torches and other ordinary battery-operated devices. Simply putting up in-store advertising to remind customers that they may need batteries will help you leverage this situation to increase battery sales. If customers remember that they’re short on batteries while in your store, they’ll probably buy them immediately.

2. Lighting the darkest days of the year

In December and January, the days are very short and the nights are very dark. That means that people are more reliant on torches, lamps and other forms of electronic lighting at this time of year. If a person intends to go out for an evening in the weeks following new year, they’re more likely to take a torch or similar device with them than at any other time of year. Naturally, these devices need batteries to power them. Try selling your batteries alongside torches to remind your customers that they need to buy both if they want to navigate successfully at night.

As suppliers of wholesale batteries, we at House of Batteries understand how important batteries are at this time of year. Invest in general purpose batteries today and you’ll be able to reap the benefits when your customers buy them.