Chasing tech trends – what does 2017 look like for batteries?
Chasing tech trends – what does 2017 look like for batteries?
Last Edited: 03/Jan/2017

As 2017 opened in fits of fireworks and frost, Brits up and down the country have been turning up their thermostats and catching up with the world’s celebrations on their TVs, laptops and phones. The new year promises to be a big one for home tech and for battery suppliers and battery wholesalers as well. 

In fact, the festive season has been a pretty good guide to two of the top tech trends every retail battery supplier should be looking to cash in on over the year ahead.

The rise and rise of the light emitting diode (LED) saw millions of Christmas trees get a redesign in 2016. The change is good for seasonal safety: LED bulbs burn far less warmly than the older filament bulbs. They also use far less energy, which makes them less expensive to have on (as well as to buy) than their predecessors. 

Camera flashes, nightlights, furniture lighting and outdoor lights will all see LEDs continue to take market share. This is good news for the battery wholesale industry: LEDs are generally powered by two to four AA batteries and will push up battery sales.

Screens and camera add-ons will also mean good news for battery wholesalers. LED technology means that sleeker and more portable screens are being designed, with the trend heading away from cables and towards USB or battery power. Cameras continue to attract myriad add-on tech, from flashes to whole-home security systems. Much of this is battery powered.

The thermostats we all depend on look set for a makeover as well, as an early initiate into the internet of things (IOT). The IOT industry is rapidly becoming smarter and more flexible. Some smart thermostats and radiator thermostats already use AA or AAA batteries; as heating becomes increasingly room-by-room, more individually battery-powered units will become the norm. Expect the same for many other IOT devices, from motion sensors to door locks.

Top battery brands like Energizer and Duracell will be asking themselves how to get ahead in these new trends, so it's important you keep an eye out for these trends in order to stay ahead of your competitors! Here at House of Batteries, we stock all of the latest battery power solutions from the top brands. To find out how we can help your business, call 01636 640 676 today.