What are your customers using batteries for?
What are your customers using batteries for?
Last Edited: 20/Dec/2016

If you sell batteries in the retail sector, it’s important to understand how your customers are using them. This will allow you to supply the best types of batteries for your customers' needs and therefore boost your profits. It will also help you to ensure that you always have the right amount in stock. However, you may be wondering how you can find out what you customers use batteries for. You’re not psychic, after all! We can help: in today’s blog, we’ll talk about some of the most common reasons people buy batteries and how to tell if your customers are buying them for those reasons.

1. Powering ordinary, household items

The most ubiquitous use for batteries in the UK is powering day-to-day household items. TV remote controls, torches and even portable digital radios all take general purpose batteries. If the majority of your customers are adults and you run an ordinary, general-goods retail store, you can be certain that most of them are buying batteries to power day-to-day household devices. But how should you respond to this as a retailer? 

We would recommend that you focus on supplying non-rechargeable, general purpose batteries. Most household items don’t require specialist batteries. Furthermore, only a small number of people use rechargeable batteries for these items. Just remember that different household items take batteries of different sizes. Make sure you supply a mix of AA batteries, AAA batteries, and a few of other sizes.

2. Bringing toys to life

Many children’s toys are battery operated. If a lot of parents bring their children into your store to buy batteries, or if children pop in on their own to purchase them, it’s probable that many of your batteries are being used in toys. If your own business sells toys, this will definitely be the case. In this situation, we suggest that you increase in-premises advertising that focuses on the many types of toys that batteries can be used in. You should also consider stocking more rechargeable batteries. Because children tend to play with their toys for extended periods of time, their parents may wish to invest in batteries they can recharge so they don’t have to repeatedly buy new, general purpose ones.

3. Operating specialist equipment

Batteries are often used in specialised items, such as power tools or hobbyists’ equipment (such as battery-powered drones). If you sell specialised items yourself, or if your customers often ask your employees for specific types of batteries, you can be sure that your batteries are being used in these items. In this case, we recommend that you stock up on specialist batteries, as many pieces of specialist equipment don’t take general purpose batteries.

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