Why branded batteries trump generic batteries in the retail sector
Why branded batteries trump generic batteries in the retail sector
Last Edited: 13/Dec/2016

If you run a business in the retail sector, you may be tempted to stock cheap, unbranded batteries or those from lesser-known manufacturers rather than batteries from well-known brands. Here at House of Batteries, however, we believe it is always worth investing in batteries from industry leaders such as Duracell, AgfaPhoto or Phillips. But why is this? We’ve compiled a set of reasons why you should choose to stock branded batteries over cheaper alternatives.

1. Greater reliability

Major battery brands, such as Duracell and Philips, are renowned for producing products of impeccable quality that have very long life-spans. What’s more, these brands can be trusted to provide top-quality, reliable batteries because they have to maintain their prestigious reputations. Sadly, this is not always true of batteries from lesser-known brands and manufacturers. As a retailer, you should endeavour to provide batteries your customers can depend on. If your customers are satisfied with the batteries they purchase from you, they are likely to buy more batteries from you in the future. In contrast, if they purchase batteries from you that turn out to be short-lived or faulty, they are unlikely to buy them from you again. 

2. Improved customer recruitment

Many customers may be hesitant to purchase batteries from brands that they haven’t heard of. However, customers do not experience the same hesitation when choosing whether to invest in branded batteries. By stocking batteries from well-known companies, you can increase the likelihood that new customers will choose to source their batteries from you. If you need to increase the rate at which you attract new customers, choosing reliable products is a great way to do so.

3. Security of supply

Smaller, lesser-known manufacturers may not produce and supply batteries on the same scale as their big-brand counterparts. Ergo, you cannot always depend on a steady supply of generic batteries, but you can always source wholesale batteries from major brands via suppliers like us.

Here at House of Batteries, we are committed to supplying batteries from highly-respected brands to the UK retail sector. If you need to stock up on batteries, be sure to purchase a battery brand customers will recognise from a wholesaler like us.