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Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology
Brand new AgfaPhoto Digital Collection
Duracell 5+3 AA & AAA packs now available
New and Exclusive - GP Portable Chargers
About lithium/li-ion batteries
A brief overview of alkaline batteries
Helping to preserve battery lifespan
Understanding battery technologies
The history of the battery
New batteries to be better than ever before!
LED Dual Function Worklight
Which battery type lasts the longest?
Battery safety in toys - we take it seriously
Power up your device with the right battery
Avoid common issues
The mushroom revolution
The perfect use for the Christmas orange
Li-ion batteries - the future of batteries?
Remove batteries before storing Christmas decorations
Faster, longer, harder, stronger
Historical rivalry of the battery bunnies
Disposing of batteries safely
How much should your business invest in rechargeable batteries?
Why businesses in the service sector should buy their batteries wholesale
Why you should get your batteries from a UK wholesaler
Traditional batteries are part of the energy revolution
Common myths about rechargeable batteries
Why wholesale battery purchases are the right choice for your school
Why your retail business should sell general purpose batteries
You don't need to be a retailer to invest in wholesale batteries
A short guide to selling batteries
Why general purpose batteries will never be obsolete
Lose those leaky batteries!
Spring bank holidays will drive battery sales for gadgets
Which batteries are right for your business?
How to market batteries on a budget
Rechargeable coin cells - coming soon!
Wholesale battery sales could spike after emergency mobile phone launch
5 reasons why people buy batteries, and how your business could benefit
Marketing batteries towards youthful demographics
Batteries: a festival essential
Rise of the drones means a rise in battery sales
Batteries in emergencies
Encourage home alarm checks to boost battery sales
Pokémon Go will send battery sales surging
Why retailers should always stock multiple battery brands.
How to sell batteries during summer
Encourage a battery check to drive AA and AAA sales
Don't forget the smaller batteries this summer
Batteries can light up your Halloween
Three tips to see sales from new technology
Major retailers unveil their top sellers for Christmas
The best general purpose longlife batteries: big brands
Help your customer to remember to buy batteries!
How to calm customers worried about exploding batteries
Holiday season batteries: alkaline or rechargeable?
Invest in batteries to take advantage of the winter rush
Small but important: why watch batteries are worth stocking
Increase short-term sales of torches to increase long-term sales of batteries
Why stocking big brands for Christmas makes sense
Invest in specialist batteries over Christmas for a festive increase in profits
Five top tips to make batteries last longer
Batteries and the environment
Why branded batteries trump generic batteries in the retail sector
What are your customers using batteries for?
Chasing tech trends – what does 2017 look like for batteries?
How the new year can bring new battery sales
Why you don't have to worry about the rise of the rechargeables
Who buys rechargeable batteries and how can you market to them?
The future of technology is battery powered
February: a golden month for battery sales
Revitalise your battery sales with these three tips
How to effectively cross-sell your batteries
A beginner's guide to retailing batteries
Creating effective battery adverts
A retailer's guide to zinc, alkaline and lithium batteries
Stocking the right quantity of batteries for your business
Selling batteries to customers in a hurry
Running out of time to sell batteries approaching their expiry date? Here's how to sell them
Fighting the problems that can damage your battery sales
3 reasons to stock up on batteries before summer
New opportunities for battery sales
Cameras are still gobbling up AA batteries
Remember to promote batteries to male and female customers
Tapping into the student market
How consumers judge battery quality
Emergency power packs are a good source of AA battery sales
Three tricks that will instantly boost rechargeable battery sales
Smart home devices can boost AA battery sales
How renewable energy could supercharge battery sales
Displaying batteries as an impulse purchase
Benefits of using rechargeable batteries
Using retro technology to boost battery sales
Back to school - a perfect time to maximise battery sales
Batteries for travel and holidays
Getting customers to stock up on batteries: a guide for small businesses
Useful statistics for battery sellers
Factors affecting the life of AA & AAA Batteries
Top sellers this Christmas will use plenty of batteries
Sell more batteries with strategic planning
Christmas lights - a great chance to sell more batteries
Maximising impulse battery sales
Sell more batteries with special offers and pricing deals

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