House of Batteries is an Energizer batteries wholesale supplier offering a full range of Energizer products - from classic brands to specialist products. House of Batteries offers Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, Energizer Ultra+ batteries and Energizer Classic batteries as well as hearing aid batteries and watch batteries. See below for our full range of Energizer wholesale supplies

General purpose

House of batteries supplies batteries of all the most sought after specifications. General purpose batteries are the most commonly requested by the general consumer. We can supply any size and type of domestic battery, and with our branded ranges across Zinc, Alkaline, and Lithium, we can supply a battery to fit every price point. Give us a call for more info about how we can support your business.

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House of Batteries can provide batteries from all of the most demanded specifications across our Zinc, Alkaline and Lithium ranges. With our Energizer battery line, your customers can be rest assured that you’re providing a product that is right for them.

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