House of Batteries are proud to be the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the AgfaPhoto energy range – offering a solution for those power hungry devices in today’s demanding technology led world.

Partnership: The House of Batteries and AgfaPhoto partnership provides the consumer with state of the art technology teamed with the highest level of customer satisfaction and outstanding customer care.

General Purpose

House of batteries supplies batteries of all the most sought after specifications. General purpose batteries are the most commonly requested by the general consumer. We can supply any size and type of domestic battery, and with our branded ranges across Zinc, Alkaline, and Lithium, we can supply a battery to fit every price point. Give us a call for more info about how we can support your business.

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House of Batteries can provide batteries from all of the most demanded specifications across our Zinc, Alkaline and Lithium ranges. With our AgfaPhoto battery line, your customers can be rest assured that you’re providing a product that is right for them.


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The power needs of the general consumer is growing day by day, with more and more portable and wireless technologies becoming available. With the advent of these technologies, and the fast pace of life consumers, we are all becoming more concerned about maintaining access to our electronic devices. Our rechargeable batteries help give that assurance of both quality and reliability.

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A Selection from the Range

The AgfaPhoto battery collection utilises the latest technology, whilst still incorporating an eco-friendly approach. Just as importantly, they fulfil the demands of even the most power hungry devices. AgfaPhoto recognises the importance of the consumer being able to easily identify the best performing battery, for the right device. Our packaging now includes a ‘quick look’ visual, grading the performance and suitability making the selection process easier.

High-tech gadgets, toys, security and medical devices – no matter how large or small your power hungry electrical device are, you can rely on AgfaPhoto to provide the power solution you have been looking for. Amongst the most frequently sourced are:

  • Rechargeable - The AgfaPhoto Rechargeable collection boasts the newest battery technology. Combining advantages for both the price conscious and eco-minded, this great range produces the power for all your high-energy devices.
  • Alkaline Batteries - Alkaline batteries offer long-lasting dependable power to thirsty everyday devices such as toys, torches, electronic games and more. They are the popular power solution, giving trusted quality and great value.
  • Zinc Batteries - The heavy duty, premium Zinc-Chloride battery technology is the perfect power solution for devices such as clocks, remote controls and calculators. These simple batteries are the perfect option for those everyday / low-drain devices.
  • Lithium Batteries - These small but powerful AgfaPhoto Lithium, Photo and Coin batteries supply long lasting power and the latest Lithium technology. Ideal for devices such as digital cameras, smoke detectors and remote controls.


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