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In recent years we have all paid more attention to our buyer-supplier relationships and supply management in general. Over time we’ve seen the evolution of our own business and those around us, to move from a transactional relationship with little-to-no sharing of information, to a more collaborative and information-centred process. We’ve had to adapt our ways of working to make sure we can support the growing needs of our customers. Cooperation, and in many respects, collaboration is at the heart of our service offering.


This section of the site gives some insight into the challenges we have helped our customers to overcome, and the benefits we have mutually received as a result of that work.
Please take some time to look over these amazing outcomes, and consider how your business can benefit from working with a supplier that truly understands your needs and works harder than anyone else to meet them.

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Poundstretcher  is a fast-growing discount retailer, operating from over 400 high street and out of town stores across the UK. They offer customers a wide range of FMCG brands and non-grocery products at competitive prices. Their aim is to provide customers with a fun and exciting shopping experience, offering value across the range, to develop customer loyalty. Because Poundstretcher allocate very little to advertising, in-store promotions and displays are absolutely critical to driving revenue growth. Their focus is on the key best-selling products within a category, promoted at keen prices.

When we first met with colleagues from Poundstretcher, at the front of their mind was the challenge of proving and excellent range of power solution products, with reliable supply, but also to maintain good value for money for their customers. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Poundstretcher on this challenge, as we specialise in supplying the highest rated products in the market, at competitive prices. Over the past two decades, we’ve also invested heavily in supply security, with UK based inventory to help smooth out challenging peaks and troughs in demand.

When did you start supplying Poundstretcher?

We have been supplying Poundstretcher for several years now. Initially we were offering relatively small quantities and a restricted range of brands. As the product range developed and the brands grew in breadth, Poundstretcher increased its availability of our power solutions across more stores. Poundstretcher is now one of our largest retail customers.

Why did you want to supply Poundstretcher?

Poundstretcher have always been seen differently by both producers and customers. It has a completely different feel about it. The buyers understand producers, their products and the principals behind the power solutions business. Poundstretcher gave our business greater volume; improving our economies of scale and supported our business in growing in a sustainable way.

In addition to that, we share some key goals with Poundstretcher both in terms of corporate social responsibility and the environment. Both our businesses are passionate about achieving excellence in this area. As an example, through our supply-relationship, we have been able to strengthen our commitment to supporting employee rights in the Far East, through engaging with manufacturers to improve health and safety legislation. We’ve also been able to work with our mutual suppliers to support a greater level of care for the environment. Poundstretcher have been keen to promote greater levels of recycling, and by working with them we have been able to demonstrate our own commitment to that end. Poundstretcher also participates in the national Battery Recycling schemes, which we see as a mutually beneficial approach, and something we have greatly welcomed.

Characteristic of the relationships we have with all of out customers:

  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Satisfaction
  • Innovation & Development
  • Information Exchange
  • Cost Reduction

How do we supply Poundstretcher?

Supplying Poundstretcher is very straight forward. Orders are received electronically and delivered as requested at the agreed lead time. The relationship between our sales team and the buyers at Poundstretcher is excellent, with a mutual professional respect. We have both been constructive in negotiating fair prices that deliver for customers as well as our respective businesses. A genuine win-win-win.

What were the key challenges we have overcome together?

We have had to work hard to find a cost effective supply and distribution. This has been achieved by sharing information wherever possible, to predict demand cycles and plan ahead. We’ve also been able, by working with our extensive supply network across Europe and Asia, to maintain a high degree of flexibility in volumes. As every retailer knows, there can be unforeseen peaks in demand for a great number of reasons. House of Batteries are able to meet those challenges both because of our close relationship with manufacturers and distributors, as well as our keeping a strategic in-house inventory wherever appropriate.

What have we learnt from supplying Poundstretcher?

Get the basics in place first, then move on to getting a wider selection of products in the retail environment. Focus on product benefits, packaging quality, pricing, and reliability of supply. Our advice for retail buyers or those looking to supply major chains such as Poundstretcher is to ensure you can have full confidence in the product and the business capabilities realised through the relationship. It’s hugely important to keep the range up-to-date, by focussing on the trends in the marketing place and responding to customer needs. With Poundstretcher we have consistently looked to introduce new ranges on a regular basis, by first trialling these products internally and across our network of customers. As an engaged supplier, we have a passion for what we do, and in working with the business such as Poundstretcher, we are able to consistently improve our offering and keep it relevant and distinct from the competition.