About us

House of Batteries are one of the largest battery wholesalers in the UK. Why? We have a product range which includes the top brands. We offer and stock battery and power solutions from companies such as Duracell, Philips, Energizer, AgfaPhoto and more. Also, as rechargeable batteries and solutions have become more popular with customers, we have expanded into stocking a massive range of products in this area.

Our scale allows us to offer our partners highly-competitive price points and to ensure that they maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With batteries stored in strategic locations across the country, we are able to offer deliveries when you want and need them most. We frequently beat the lead times of our closest competitors and we offer fantastic deals on carriage above specific order levels. Get in touch with one of the team now to find out more.

Battery Wholesale - Customer Care


We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of customer service to all. We believe in professional but friendly working relationships. We have a huge amount of experience in supplying wholesale batteries distributors, general wholesalers, electrical wholesalers and a wide range of specialist retailers including high street stores and internet retailers.

We also supply various public sector organisations such as local authorities and purchasing organisations and a network of van sales operators who in turn supply the independent retail trade.

Manufacturing And Growth

Manufacturers of products that require batteries also come to us for their requirements. From scale manufacturers to outdoor equipment companies, our customers are many and varied, but always receive great product, at great prices with a personal service.

Since 1992 when House of Batteries was founded, our customer base has grown every year. We’ve grown because our clients know they can rely on us - we care, we aim to exceed your service expectations, as well as offer a great range of batteries at exceptional prices.

Whether you are a battery wholesaler, general wholesaler, OEM, retailer or van sales operator, it’s time to give us a try - find out how we can help. We’re friendly, reliable and dependable. We make it our business to help yours.

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Our Team

The House of Batteries team is key to our success. We have the best of the bunch in the battery world, all fully trained and experienced ready to answer any question about our products. We have a superb sales team, wonderful warehouse guys and a few others who all work together to make sure we fulfil all our orders to the highest of standards.