Sell more batteries with strategic planning

Walk into any shop these days, and you'll find yourself bombarded with offers, point of sale campaigns, a rainbow of

Top sellers this Christmas will use plenty of batteries

Retailers should already be thinking about their seasonal stocks, and the good news is that children's toys will be consuming

Useful statistics for battery sellers

As a mature product on shelves, batteries are a universally familiar sight. But they can easily be overlooked unless the

Getting customers to stock up on batteries: a guide for small businesses

If you sell batteries in the retail sector, it’s worth thinking about how many batteries your average customer buys in

Back to school - a perfect time to maximise battery sales

  Although the summer holidays may have only just begun, parents’ and teachers’ minds will shortly be turning to ‘back

Using retro technology to boost battery sales

If you read this blog regularly, you already know that batteries can be marketed to consumers with MP3 players,

Displaying batteries as an impulse purchase

Due to the rise in chargeable devices, many retailers have overlooked the benefits of selling batteries for domestic use.

How renewable energy could supercharge battery sales

Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing technologies at the moment. It seems that every day there is a

Three tricks that will instantly boost rechargeable battery sales

From a consumer's perspective, rechargeable batteries are a truly incredible invention. They can provide power for an enormous range of

How consumers judge battery quality

When choosing batteries, most consumers make quality their top priority. They want batteries that are safe and that will last

Tapping into the student market

Practically everybody needs general purpose batteries. However, some demographics use more than others. Here at House of Batteries, we think

Remember to promote batteries to male and female customers

A lot of battery marketing and product design tends to be focused on selling them to gadget-obsessed males. However, both

Cameras are still gobbling up AA batteries

While many people now take photos with their smartphone, the world's camera makers are still doing a good trade in

New opportunities for battery sales

With summer on the way, there are plenty of seasonal sales ideas to get batteries moving from your shelves. But

3 reasons to stock up on batteries before summer

Spring is officially here, which means that summer will soon be on its way. Batteries are more important than you

Fighting the problems that can damage your battery sales

Here at House of Batteries, we’re passionate about helping your business succeed by empowering you to sell batteries more effectively.

Running out of time to sell batteries approaching their expiry date? Here's how to sell them

While both general purpose batteries and rechargeable batteries have a much longer shelf-life than many household products, they do eventually

Selling batteries to customers in a hurry

If you run a small, local retail business, you are in an ideal position to sell batteries to customers who

Stocking the right quantity of batteries for your business

If you run a business in the retail sector, you are probably aware that general purpose batteries and rechargeable batteries

A retailer's guide to zinc, alkaline and lithium batteries

All general purpose batteries can be used to power everyday, household items. However, this doesn’t mean that all general purpose

Creating effective battery adverts

Here at House of Batteries, we often suggest using in-store advertisement to promote your range of batteries and increase sales.

A beginner's guide to retailing batteries

Are you considering investing in general purpose and rechargeable batteries to sell to your loyal customers? If so, let us

How to effectively cross-sell your batteries

Cross-selling works by convincing a customer to purchase something else along with the product that they have already decided to

Revitalise your battery sales with these three tips

Most people need to buy batteries on a regular basis. They are used in everything from TV remote controls to

February: a golden month for battery sales

February is here, which is fantastic news for you if your business sells batteries in the retail sector. You may

The future of technology is battery powered

Here at House of Batteries, we understand that the technological landscape is constantly shifting and changing. However, we fervently believe

Who buys rechargeable batteries and how can you market to them?

Selling rechargeable batteries can be very profitable for retail businesses like yours. However, you need to know which demographics to

Why you don't have to worry about the rise of the rechargeables

As a general purpose battery retailer, you may be concerned about the continued rise of devices with internal, rechargeable batteries.

How the new year can bring new battery sales

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to increase your business’s battery sales. In the weeks immediately

Chasing tech trends – what does 2017 look like for batteries?

As 2017 opened in fits of fireworks and frost, Brits up and down the country have been turning up their

What are your customers using batteries for?

If you sell batteries in the retail sector, it’s important to understand how your customers are using them. This will

Why branded batteries trump generic batteries in the retail sector

If you run a business in the retail sector, you may be tempted to stock cheap, unbranded batteries or those

Batteries and the environment

Regular debates in the news about climate change and frequent charity campaigns to save the planet means that your typical

Five top tips to make batteries last longer

When it comes to purchasing batteries to power devices, your customers want them to last as long as possible, making

Why stocking big brands for Christmas makes sense

With this year's must-have Christmas toys expected to be strong on robotics and electronics , and with Sony and

Increase short-term sales of torches to increase long-term sales of batteries

Torches and flashlights are among the most common battery-powered household items. If you work in the retail sector, many of

Small but important: why watch batteries are worth stocking

They're tiny and they power everything from watches to hearing aids. We're talking watch batteries, or "button batteries" as the

Invest in batteries to take advantage of the winter rush

It won't be long until the dark, cold winter months arrive - which is fantastic news for retailers who sell

Holiday season batteries: alkaline or rechargeable?

Due to their long shelf life and the limited options for point of sale marketing material, batteries may look like

How to calm customers worried about exploding batteries

Exploding batteries are all over the news, thanks to issues with the specially designed Lithium Ion battery in new Samsung's

Help your customer to remember to buy batteries!

As you know, the best retail spaces are those that guide customers seamlessly around the merchandise. Expert positioning of complementary

The best general purpose longlife batteries: big brands

Cheap, poor quality batteries are something of a false economy - buying wholesale batteries from an own brand or lesser

Major retailers unveil their top sellers for Christmas

Now we are into autumn, the major retail outlets have highlighted what they think will be the top selling toys,

Three tips to see sales from new technology

Over the last five years or so, every industry has seen a rise in wireless and IoT (Internet of Things)

Batteries can light up your Halloween

Now that festival season is just about wrapped up, it’s time to turn your attention to the next big battery-guzzling

Encourage a battery check to drive AA and AAA sales

Encourage a battery check to drive AA and AAA sales The typical home has dozens of sets of batteries in use

How to sell batteries during summer

As a retailer, you may believe that you have to tolerate reduced battery sales during the summer months. After all,

Why retailers should always stock multiple battery brands.

Why retailers should always stock multiple battery brands. Here at House of Batteries, we supply the retail sector with a

Pokémon Go will send battery sales surging

Pokémon Go will send battery sales surging Now that the Pokémon Go app for iPhone and Android is available in

Encourage home alarm checks to boost battery sales

At regular periods around the year, the government and fire brigades will run campaigns for people to test their fire

5 reasons why people buy batteries, and how your business could benefit

As an item that many people consider a necessity, it makes sense for almost every retailer to stock batteries

Wholesale battery sales could spike after emergency mobile phone launch

For many parents that give into their children's demand for a mobile phone, security is the main motive. We

Rechargeable coin cells - coming soon!

Wearable technology is all the rage, and since we all love our portable, battery powered gadgets, there’s a great

How to market batteries on a budget

In our blog entry entitled ‘A short guide to selling batteries’, we discussed the best ways to ensure that

Which batteries are right for your business?

Here at House of Batteries, we specialise in selling different types of batteries to the retail sector on a

Why general purpose batteries will never be obsolete

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, devices with built-in, rechargeable batteries have become more and more commonplace since

A short guide to selling batteries

Here at House of Batteries, we specialise in supplying wholesale batteries to retailers. In fact, we’re one of the

You don't need to be a retailer to invest in wholesale batteries

  As one of the largest battery wholesalers in the UK, we at House of Batteries mostly sell our products to

Why your retail business should sell general purpose batteries

If you run a small retail business, such as a corner shop or general store, you may be wondering if

Why wholesale battery purchases are the right choice for your school

There are many reasons a school in the 21st century still needs batteries - and a lot of them! There's

Traditional batteries are part of the energy revolution

The world is changing. Oil prices are fluctuating wildly. Climate change is showing real effects on people and animals across

Why you should get your batteries from a UK wholesaler

  If you need to source general purpose batteries for your retail business, you may find it tempting to import them

How much should your business invest in rechargeable batteries?

Here at House of Batteries, we sell a huge variety of different batteries, including rechargeable ones. But does your business

Historical rivalry of the battery bunnies

Ask anyone below the age of 20 what image they associate with batteries and they’ll probably start running on the

Li-ion batteries - the future of batteries?

  Research means that batteries are constantly improving as technology develops. Li-ion batteries, long used in mobile phones and other hand-held

LED Dual Function Worklight

PRODUCT FOCUS: LED Dual Function Worklight Area Worklight with 30 LED’s Front Spotlight with 7 LED’s Dual Function

New and Exclusive - GP Portable Chargers

Brand new, exclusive products from GP Batteries. With the ever increasing use of Smartphones and other portable devices, GP have bought

Duracell 5+3 AA & AAA packs now available

Duracell Ultra Power Duracell Ultra Power is our best and most powerful alkaline battery. And only Duracell Ultra Power has

Brand new AgfaPhoto Digital Collection

House of Batteries are proud to reveal a brand new range of AgfaPhoto GoPad Tablets, USB’s and Memory Cards -